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We are the exclusive distributor of ETK (Euroteknika - French implant system) in Egypt, ETK was created in 1992 after 4 years of studies and certification and is a part of the GACD group which has invested heavily in creating an implant company with fully integrated manufacturing and state of the art facilities with training, clinical, test laboratory, prosthesis laboratory and surgical unit.

Euroteknika has achieved rapid growth in both the French market where it is the leading brand and has also developed a growing export business.

Now represented in over 30 countries on 5 continents by both partnerships and distributors, all of these appreciate that Euroteknika offers a global solution for implantology.



We are partners of ACTA The Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam (Dutch: Faculteit der Tandheelkunde) (ACTA) was founded in 1984 through a merger of the two dentistry faculties of the Universiteit of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. ACTA conducts scientific research, teaches, and provides patient care in the field of dentistry. ACTA is one of the largest dentistry education and training programmes in the world, with 500 staff members, an annual new-student enrolment of 128 and a total student body of 1000. It consists of three departments. In terms of research, the faculty produced 228 academic publications in 2009.


Patient's Service

We provide a various range of services for patients insuring the highest quailty of service to be delivered by the most well qualified dentists.

We in Dentpeak are aiming to raise the level of dental service delivered to patients in Egypt by spreading knowledge and delivering high quality products.

Our mission is to enable dental professionals to restore their patients' oral function and esthetics through effective, reliable, and safe treatment methods. The initiative of Dentpeak is to propose a wide range of implants of an irreproachable quality and a very professional service at the best price.

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